Aluminum Circle/Disc is mainly used for general commercial and industrial applications, like capacitor cases, road signs, cookware, pots, sufuria, pans, decorations and so on. With high quality casting and rolling coils or hot-rolled coils as raw materials, it goes through different cold rolling deformation, slitting, annealing and finally stamping into an aluminum disc, then packaging for delivery.

Aluminium Circles. Multiple Applications!


Aluminium Utensils, We Got Them All !

Great Utility, Amazing Quality !

Aluminium is widely used in making cooking utensils. Its a safe and light metal which makes using such utensils easy and convenient.
We supply the best aluminium utensils in the market in Matt and Mirror finishes available in different sizes.

Aluminium Topes & Pans

Aluminium & Brass Pressure Cookers

Aluminium Basins

Aluminium Buckets

Aluminium Strainers & Sieves

Aluminium Jars with Screw Tops


Other Aluminium Products

We’re a full aluminium supply company providing our clients with a wide range of high quality products from trusted sources. All of the services and products we supply are produced in reputable factories and are backed by Toreda Global name.

Let us supply you with top notch products at a price you can afford.

Aluminium Sheet Rolls

Versatile Material, Toreda's Quality Promise

Aluminum sheet is a remarkably versatile material, not only because of the tailored characteristics it can be given in the rolling mill, but also because of its suitability to a wide range of finishing, fabrication and joining processes.


It can be given a wide variety of surfaces: patterned, painted, plated, polished, colored, coated, laminated, anodized, etched or textured. It can be machined in different ways and can be easily formed. It can be readily joined to itself or to other materials: riveted, bolted, clinched, brazed, soldered, welded and bonded. Its applications are too many to list completely.

We supply the highest quality aluminium sheet rolls. You can count on Toreda Global to take care of your needs and guarantee you receive your order in no time at all. We make sure to give you the support and advice you need regarding your requirements. Let us know how we can assist you today.

Aluminium foils

Most used product, available in best quality with us

Aluminum foil is familiar to most people in the popular form of soft, very thin household kitchen foil: it’s easy to fold, impenetrable by water and vapor, fire resistant, both heat-conductive and heat-reflective, and inhospitable to molds.

The variety of properties available in aluminum foils make them useful in applications ranging from the protective packaging of foods, pharmaceuticals and many other consumer products, to laminated vapor-barriers and insulation-backing in buildings etc.

If your company is in need of aluminium foils,  you’ve definitely come to the right place. We have got everything you need to take care of your company’s requirements and will make sure you receive your order as soon as possible. We pride ourselves with the customer service we provide and guarantee you’ll love working with us.

Aluminium Ingots

Purity Gauranteed

We supply high-purity Aluminium Ingots of upto 99.85% purity of the best Aluminium manufacturing companies of India. Our primary metal product range includes EC grade, CG grade and high purity ingots, sow ingots, alloy ingots, billets and wire rods.

You really won’t believe how simple doing business with us really is. Just give us a call or send us an message and we will get in touch with you immediately. 


Water Treatment Solutions

We supply world-class water treatment solutions to our clients, having gathered vast experience in Water Treatment Plants and Hydro Pneumatic Pressure Booster Systems used in the all kind of Industrial and commercial sector. 


We offer numerous water treatment solutions for domestic as well as industrial use such as-

  • Drinking n Demineralizing (DM )water

  • Swimming Pool Filtration Plant

  • Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP)

  • Sewage Treatment Plant(SEP)

  • Pressure booster Plant

  • De-scaling and Anti-scaling Chemicals

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