Aluminium Topes & Pans

  • Aluminium Topes

  • Aluminium Frying Pans and cooking pans

  • Aluminium Sauce Pans

  • Aluminium pots

Available in Matt and Mirror Finished Topes with different sizes and also available as per the requirements with or without lids.

We make use of quality-tested aluminium for their production and comply with strict industry standards. One can get them at affordable prices.

All pans are available with Bakelite and wire handles and can be provided with or without lids as per requirements.

Aluminium Buckets

A variety of buckets in different designs, quality and Capacity ranging from 3.5 ltrs to 17 ltrs.

Aluminium Basins

A variety of wash basin in different designs

- Kitchen sinks

- Wash basins

- Vintage designer basins

- Serving basins, etc

They are available in different qualities and capacities for variety of uses.

Aluminium Jars with Screw Tops

Aluminium screw jars that are strong and durable, available in various shapes and sizes

Aluminium & Brass Pressure Cookers

High quality and manufactured under strictest quality standards, these pressure cookers are long-lasting and good looking at the same time. They are available in different sizes, ranging from 1 lt to 5 lts.

Aluminium Strainers & Sieves

Rice, pasta, noodles, strain anything, anytime.
Different sizes and shapes of strainers and sieves available in different varieties of aluminium.

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